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Dave Seaman – Donkey Engine EP

24 January 20

Dave Seaman

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Selador open their account for 2020 and first in to bat is label supremo Dave Seaman who takes the bull by the horns, kicking some proverbial ass with the memorably titled ‘Donkey Engine’.

This Afro infused slice of rhythmic Melodic Techno first surfaced last year on the label’s Ninth Showcase compilation where it shone brightly, picking up a slew of rave reviews and consequently earning itself a well deserved upgrade to fully fledged single status.

To kick start the new year in style we’ve assembled a crack team of producers to take on remix duties starting with an artist who we’ve been trying to lure for some time and finally managed to ensnare, the elusive Doctor Dru. The German turns in a fine specimen of a mix, all pulsating synths and infectious quirkiness. Irresistible.

Next up, Diynamic’s leading lady Magdalena comes up trumps with a triumphant melodic opus that disregards conventional remix wisdom and steadfastly goes its own way. We’re still straining to hear any of the original parts but frankly, who cares when it’s this good?!

Last but by no means least, the legends that are the Stereo MC’s throw another curveball at proceedings with a left of centre, low slung workout that really does stand apart from the crowd. Consummate craftsmanship at its most assured.

Happy New Year y’all.

Team Selador – 2020 visionaries.

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