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Dave Seaman ‘Thonk!’ [Selador]

Dave Seaman ‘Thonk!’ [Selador]

21 June 19

Dave Seaman

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Selador head honcho Dave Seaman returns to the fray, notching up another original release which now takes him into double figures for the label, an impressive tally which doesn’t even take into account the substantial stack of remixes he’s also contributed over the imprint’s 6 year history.

Of course, as co-founder of the label with his trusted partner in crime, Steve Parry he holds some sway on what makes it onto the release schedule but thems the perks of the job, whatcha gonna do about it?!

His latest creation, lovingly entitled ‘Thonk!’ is the result of a few lost afternoons spent in the vaults of his extensive vinyl collection trawling for obscure audio clips to form the basis of this meticulous audio collage. It was a painstaking process that required patience to burn but as always, the devil is in the detail. Time well spent.

His partner of choice for this particular release is Italian producer Whitesquare, who’s proved himself to be a more than capable wingman serving up an outstanding rework that’s already being championed by the likes of Solomun and &ME. File under ‘bass heavy super chic groover’ and crank it up!

Team Selador – Guardians of the good stuff.

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