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So after being asked numerous times when I was going to be doing my own livestream set from home, I finally succumbed and recorded this 2 hour set live and direct from Chez Seaman on Easter Saturday. Hope you enjoy it. We’re all bedroom DJs these days! It’s the way of the World these in these strange times.

1. Po-lar-i-ty ‘It Was All Just A Dream’ [Yoruba]
2. Dance Spirit ‘The Way Things Are’ [Desert Hearts]
3. Tim Engelhardt ‘Light My Fire’ [Poker Flat]
4. Made By Pete ‘Beautiful Silence’ [Selador]
5. Jonathan Kaspar ‘Licht’ [Kompakt]
6. Squire ‘Indicus’ [Get Physical]
7. Audiojack ‘Are We Here’ [8 Bit]
8. Moonwalk ‘Zed’ [Stil Vor Talent]
9. Clavis ‘Matinada’ [Freerange]
10. Jamie Stevens ‘Rancho’ [Bedrock]
11. Anii ‘MT1’ [Afterlife]
12. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic ‘Dangerous’ [Selador]
13. Analog Sol ’Trinidad Dreams’ (Djuma Soundsystem) [Armada Subjekt]
14. Just Her ‘Fall From Grace’ [Global Underground]
15. Chicola ‘Dust Coins’ [Selador]
16. Benjamin Fröhlich ‘Last Night’ (Marcus Worgull) [Permanent Vacation]
17. Super Flu ‘Jetendra’ [Monaberry]
18. Mathias Tanzmann & Black Circle ‘Runner’ [Moon Harbour]
19. Kiz Pattison & Micah ‘Beam Of Light’ [Selador]
20. Mathame feat. Franchino ‘Magia’ [Afterlife]
21. Tale Of Us ’Together’ [Afterlife]
22. Ivory ‘Your Grace’ [Connected]
23. Jimi Jules ‘Fool’ [Innervisions]

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