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1. Dubspeeka ‘Seth’ [Last Night On Earth]
2. Radeckt ‘Pheromone’
3. Clemente & Martin HERRS ‘Manifesto’ (Ivory) [Monaberry]
4. Robert Babicz ‘Utopia’ (BOg) [Systematic]
5. Vars & Dapayk Solo ‘Follow The Light’ (Monkey Safari)
6. Just Her ‘We Dance’ (Anjunadeep)
7. Alex Kennon & Pete Tong ‘Apache’ [Crosstown Rebels]
8. Mita Gami ‘What If It’s All Right’ (Ivory)
9. Imperiueux ‘Cadenza’ [Sum Over Histories]
10. Harry Romero & Jessica Eve ‘It Hurts’ [Crosstown Rebels]
11. Squire ‘Glowing’ [Selador]
12. Rob Hes & Naji Arun ‘Armageddon’ [Pursuit]
13. Bebetta & HRSSN ‘Eating People’
14. Andre Lodemann feat. Nathalie Claude ‘Still Searching’ [Siamese]
15. Yöurr ‘Family Values’
16. Tunnelvisions ‘Mirrored Identities’ [Atomnation]
17. Carlos Barbero, Enes Çakir & Seher K ‘Wake Up’ [Selador]
18. Micah feat. Kiki Cave ‘Evening Winds’ [Balance]
19. EdOne ‘Freedom’ [Bedrock]
20. Pysh ‘Foreign Land’ (Hunter Game)
21. APNOEA ‘Moodivation’ (Come Closer) [Mobilee]
22. ADDDFX ‘Stronger Than Before’ [Black Circle]
23. Dave Seaman ‘Buzzfuzzle’ (Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone) [Selador]
24. Made By Pete & Jinadu ‘Fear The Fall’ (Just Her) [Hawkins]
25. Tim Engelhardt ‘Idiosynkrasia’ (Andhim) [Stil Vor Talent]

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