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23 February 2024
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The Ones That Got Away. In a world awash with music, we all have those tunes that are special to us, heart-achingly magnificent moments preserved in aspic in our memories…but which never got the moment in the sun they so richly deserve. 

A DJ can campaign for such wonders ceaselessly, sharing them far and wide. Or you can go one step further, as Dave Seaman chose to do here with an anthemic, inspirational track that he had held dear for many years: 

“’Hold On’ was one that got away for me. I loved the original back in 1991 and always thought it never got the recognition it should have, so it had been in the back of my mind for 30+ years that one day I’d revisit it. The idea resurfaced when I found the original 12” whilst sifting through my vinyl collection, and via the magic of AI managed to extract the vocal to give it a go,” explains Selador’s head honcho. 

The pedigree of ‘Hold On’ cannot be in doubt, co-written / produced by the inimitable Youth, king of dubwise excursions from Killing Joke to Blue Pearl via Dragonfly Records, The Verve and so many more on his storied CV. He has given his blessing to Dave’s mighty revival of his baby – as, crucially, has singer Shola Phillips, who imbues the impassioned words with the perfect but oh so hard to achieve balance of power and subtlety, a timeless tour de force vocal performance.

“I’m really happy with the result and 32 years later, the lyrical sentiment has never been more pertinent“ concludes Dave. 

Hold on indeed.

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