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10 February 2023
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Selador Showcase – The Seventeenth Instalment
Various top-drawer artists
SEL 163
Released 10/2/23

Aaaah, the Selador Showcases…how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…

You know the drill – half a dozen hand-cut gems curated by those trusty Seladorian ears. There’s those that go stratospheric, those that find cult followings, and those that nestle in the back of your brain only to pop up unexpectedly months later and knock you for six.

So without any further ado, let’s get down to sonic business and once again, the challenge we’ve set ourselves is to whet your proverbial whistle in just ten words per track – and all without using the words ‘banger’, ‘anthem’ or referring to any bassline as ‘low slung’…

Dave Seaman feat. Thomas Gandey – ‘Heavyweight Residue’
Olympian, melon-twisting throbber from the darkside of the dancefloor

Jonathan Cowan – ‘Swaddles’
Hallelujah! Florida OG swaddles us in tip top electronic headfuckery.

Pete Gleadhall – ‘Shoehorn’
Call the cops! Pete is charged with being squelchily acidic in residential area.

Paul (AR) & Anunnakis – ‘Ancient Moon’
Argentina rave on! Pure percussion-driven, siren-wailing brooding soundscape.

Vanita – ‘Overflow’
A pulsating, primeval peak time ‘Postquam’ follow-up? Er, Yes please!

Robert Babicz – ‘Multiversum’
Rob’s yer uncle – dizzyingly deep and dirty heads down business

Team Selador
Two to Four hour party people

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