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20 October 2023
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Dave Seaman’s “Inflammable Contraband”
(SEL 173)
Release date: 20/10/23
Inflammable – /ɪnˈflaməbl/
easily set on fire – example: “inflammable materials”

Contraband – /ˈkɒntrəband/
goods that have been imported or exported illegally – “customs men had searched the carriages for contraband”

Let this be a cautionary tale. Highly combustible goods contained within.

Seladorian boss man (job share) Dave Seaman, as well as being a DJ and music producer par excellence, has always been something of a wordsmith. The one-time Mixmag editor thus specialises in some of the best track titles known to humankind… and here’s further evidence should you need it.

‘Inflammable Contraband’ perfectly encapsulates the tuneage herein.

Inflammable? You better believe it! This incendiary device is guaranteed to set decks, dancefloors and headphones ablaze from the outset. Handle with extreme care.

Contraband? Abso-effing-lutely! Be warned, there’s an unusually high risk of arrest if caught in possession of such a lethal musical weapon. Keep you head down and your powder dry.

Needless to say, Dave is on something of a roll right now, with not only his solo releases but also a string of collabs with the mighty Quivver rocking floors and topping charts all year. And just as he has for the last 35 years, he continues to tour the globe spreading his own unique blend of House, Techno & All Flavours Inbetween. In his spare time you can find him peddling firecrackers at Pyromaniacs Anonymous meetings.

A veritable disco inferno then.

Team Selador – Twisted firestarters!

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