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20 September 2022
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In the realm of electronic dance music, John ‘Quivver’ Graham and Dave Seaman need little introduction. Between them, they have amassed several decades of experience in the field, working with some of the biggest names in music along the way. From David Bowie to Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys to Led Zeppelin, their musical influence has been heard far and wide with the pair having visited more than 100 countries to ply their lauded DJing skills.

Born out of Covid enforced lockdowns, the duo have now joined forces, working together on a wide array of music that will finally start to see the light of day and of course, the dark of night! The first fruits of this exciting new collaboration are set to drop on Frankey & Sandrino’s Sum Over Histories and Steve Bug’s Poker Flat imprints over the coming months with plenty more waiting in the wings.

“We’ve know each other as friends for many years”, explains Dave. “We have a similar musical outlook and have moved in the same circles for longer than we care to remember, so the transition into the studio was an easy one”.

“With this project we made a conscious effort to go in directions we don’t normally go” continues John. “Some of the new material isn’t club oriented at all but we’re saving that for further down the line. We just can’t wait to start getting it out into the World now”

The first release, ’She Fly’ is out on Sum Over Histories on Friday 16th September.

Listen, stream & download here > https://li.sten.to/pathintegralvi

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