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Merry Xmas and a happy New Year from all at Selador

The Seladorian’s Xmas Speech 2020

Doom and gloom – or Zoom & ‘shrooms? The choice is yours. The latter certainly sounds more appealing from where we’re standing. We know 2020 was a shit show – but it struck the Seladorian that it wasn’t all bad, it was also a year in which club culture dug deep and rediscovered / redefined its soul.

DJs focused on what they were put on this earth to do, finding ever more inventive ways to share great music and keep us entertained.

Artists, pushed out of their comfort zones, thought beyond what might work on the floor on a Saturday night and delivered shed loads of benchmark-raising singles and great albums.

Promoters sought new ways to bring people together, and embarked on all manner of creative endeavours to make their online parties special.

…and what of us? We re-connected. The online chat rooms for DJ streams became a global love-in as we put our phones to good use, spreading the word and spreading the love – “what’s your name? where you from?” returned.
Many dark shadows will remain whenever we re-emerge blinking into the light of the (ahem) ‘new normal’.

Perhaps the biggest in terms of practicalities will be seeing what venues are left, as many of our most beloved second homes have been shafted by culture-bashing governments. Lots of creatives who made a living from the scene will have been forced to look at alternative careers, their talents and gun for hire nature unrecognised and unsupported.

2020 has also shone an unforgiving spotlight on the ongoing social and racial injustices that continue to blight our world. In the ensuing debate, the roots, the very foundations, of our scene have rightly been highlighted. What if we returned to that simple but beautiful premise that the dancefloor is a place of unrelenting positivity, of unquestioned inclusivity – and by its very nature a driver for change.

Acid house forever!

Merry Christmas everyone x

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