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My July Top 10 for Resident Advisor

  1. Sasha ‘Trigonometry’ [Watergate]
  2. Affkt ’Sunday Ghost’ (Dave Seaman) [Selador]
  3. Lessons ‘Double Or Nothing’ (Magdalena) [Sinnbuss]
  4. Florian Kruse ‘Proof Of Life’ (Paul Ursin) [Selador]
  5. Eagles & Butterflies ‘Prophet’ [Sapiens]
  6. Soulform ’Synesthesia’ (Dave Seaman) [B Tech Noir]
  7. Mango & Raoul K ’Toukan’  Dixon Dub [Innervsions]
  8. Uner ‘Bahai’ [Solar Distance]
  9. The Age Of Love ‘Age Of Love’ (Solomun) [Renaissance]
  10. Fur Coat ‘Pulse Width’ [Odd:ity]


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