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My latest interview with DMC World magazine

Dave a huge welcome back to DMCWORLD…where on planet earth are you right now? 

I’m at home in the rather grey and drizzly rural Easy Midlands of England. Winter is starting to strengthen it’s grip. How’s Ibiza Dan? Jealous, much!

The first piece of music you heard this morning after leaping out of bed? 

The new Mercury Rev album ‘The Light In You’. Beautiful stuff to ease you into the day.

Your most excellent year continues at pace, this time we are all over a release that Armada Music are really excited about too, your ‘Beyond Borders : Berlin’…a real underground journey from one of the most important dance music cities in the world. How and when did this project spring into life? 

King Unique did the first edition of this new compilation series earlier this year and as the outlets to do physical CD compilations have been shrinking, I was straight on the phone to Armada offering my services to do the next one. Mix CDs have been a big part of my career over the last 25 years and it’s a tradition I’m keen to continue. Berlin sprang to mind as the obvious choice from which to base the album after I did a couple of gigs there over the summer and I wanted the album to give a flavour of a particular place rather than some generic set that could have come from anywhere. Nearly all of the music was either stuff i played at those gigs or is by producers and artists that are based in the city, so there’s a real connection there. 

A striking selection of 15 tracks including some of Berlin’s finest DJs, producers and cuts…please give us a few words on the music and why they had to be on the final mix…

– I Know Change (feat. Alice Rose) [Nicolas Masseyeff mix] – Jaap Ligthart [Selador] One of our biggest tracks on my own label with my long time friend Steve Parry, Selador Recordings, remixed by one of our favourite Frenchmen. A perfect start.

– Megalith – Three Machines [Sincopat] A track that we wanted to sign to Selador but Affkt’s Syncopat label beat us to it 🙁 It mixes like a dream with the aforementioned Massayeff remix.

– Vermillion (&ME) – Damian Lazarus [Crosstown Rebels] One of the biggest tracks to come out of Berlin this year and arguably the best remix of 2015? I’m a huge fan of &ME. And Damian for that matter. 

– Dub Rumors – Habsichman [Selador] Another Berlin resident with a track that I played at Suicide Circus with the Gotye vocal over the top. It was a really popular bootleg over the summer.

– Tell Me Why (feat. Stereo MCs) (Re.you) – Terranova [Kompakt] A massive track from the Suicide Circus night with yet more strong Berlin connections. Both Terranova & Re.You reside there. 

– Hypernova (Stephan Bodzin) – Marc Romboy [Sytematic] Another huge tune for me over the summer, I hammered the original of this last year and Stephan’s amazing remix just gave it a whole new lease of life.

– Colourblind (Justin Massei) – Third Son [Selador] Justin Massei is yet another resident of the city and played alongside Steve & I at our Selador party at Watergate. For me, this is the best thing he’s done.

– Epika – Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld [Kompakt] Definitely in my Top 3 tracks of the year, this is an absolute beauty from my good friend Guy Mantzur. One of those tracks that appeals across the board and will have a real longevity that doesn’t happen too often these days.

– Death Espiral (Dave Seaman) – Marc Marzenit [Natura Sonoris] My remix for Marc Marzenit on Henry Saiz’s label. It was an easy one to do as it had so many great parts. Really pleased with this one.

– Sedated – Dahu [Steyoyoke] One of my biggest tunes of the year from one of the most exciting new labels coming out of Berlin right now, this had to be one of the first tracks on the team sheet.

– Flagrance – Nicolas Massayeff [Systematic] That man Massayeff again with a proper big room anthem. Takes the roof off whenever and wherever I play it.

– Wait For You (D-Nox & Beckers)– Quivver [Selador] A big one from our Selador label that’s still bothering the Beatport Techno chart as I write, almost 2 months after it’s release!

– Let Me (Dave Seaman) – Habischman & Thomas Gandey [Lapsus] Another one of mine which actually  introduced me to Habischman who we’ve since been working with quite a bit on Selador. Watch out for an EP early next year.

– Centrifuge – André Hommen [Poker Flat] One of my favourite German producers on one of my favourite German labels. What’s not to like?

– Feel You Hold You – Framewerk [Selador] The next release on Selador (an exclusive to the album for a few weeks) is deep and intense and a lovely closer for the whole mix. 10 points if you can spot the vocal sample

We all know and love your mixes on the likes of Global Underground, Renaissance and Therapy…how was this album different for you to compile and mix? Or was it just another easy day at the office? 

Ha! A mix compilation is never just an easy day at the office. Not if you’re doing it right anyway!! Yes, it’s easy to throw a quick mix together. There’s hundreds of them go online everyday but I think there should be a lot more time and effort go into a physical mix compilation like this. You need to go the extra mile to make something special that will hopefully stand the test to time.

How important/relevant has the Armada Music label been for you over the years?

They’re not a company I’ve had that much dealings with to be honest. A large part of their output is not the kind of music I play but they have been starting to venture more and more into the underground market recently with releases from the likes Tube & Berger, Djuma Soundsystem, Atapy, N’to and Several Definitions. What I really like about working with them is their professionalism. Plus, their infrastructure and considerable size means that when they throw their weight behind something, it comes with quite a force. And in a digital world where it seems you have to keep shouting louder and louder to get heard, that’s not to be underestimated.

Two of your recent gigs have been at the mighty Watergate and Suicide Circus…what were those experiences like?

I really enjoyed both of them which was the main reason I decided on Berlin as my city of choice for this album. I actually hadn’t played in the city for a few years previously so it was great to get back there and then typically, like the buses, I had 3 offers all come at once! The Watergate party was special because it was one of our first label parties for Selador and at Suicide Circus I got to play for Deep Motel who do these All Night Long parties which basically does what it says on the tin.. I got to DJ from opening until close 

Let’s have a quick look back at 2015. I think it is fair to say that you really stepped it up a gear this year with your label, your presence DJing around the world, your own studio work…it seems like you are really enjoying yourself at the moment? 

Yeah, I’m loving it as much now as I ever have.  It’s a lot more work these days, as there’s so much competition now all fighting for the same space in an over saturated marketplace but I can’t ever imagine doing anything else. It’s the best job in the world for me. And stepping up through the gears only makes me to go faster and further. There’s plenty of mileage still left in this one yet

What have been some of the stand out gigs for you this year? 

Baumfest in Colombia was one that stood out for me. It was the first festival organised by the Baum Club in Bogota and was a complete sell out which is quite an achievement for the first one. And also the recent Cream finale in Liverpool which was like being transported back to the late ‘90s for one night only. Memorable doesn’t even cover it.

And your biggest track of 2015?

Difficult to choose between the Mantzur & Rosenfeld ‘Epika’ track that’s on the album or Show B’s mix of Jaap Ligthart & Alice Rose’s ‘I Know Change’.

What is coming out next from the mighty Dave Seaman studio? 

I’ve just finished a remix for Cristoph which will come out on Selador in January as part of a Cristoph Remix EP with other mixes by Kiko, Kevin Over & Pete Oak. Also, I’ve just done another remix for Miss Melera on Chapter 24 Records, again out in January, which I’m really happy with.  Plus, as always, there’s a couple of new originals in the works. Watch this space.

And finally, Christmas is just around the corner, you’ll have your hands full with your boys no doubt. But what does Mr Seaman want from Santa this year?

Erm.. a few days rest?! Chance would be a fine thing


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