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My Top Ten Club Tracks of 2019

My Top Ten Club Tracks of the last twelves months. The ones that really did the damage on the dance floor. Turn it up! 

1. Who Made Who ‘Tell Me We Are’ (Rampa) [Innervisions]

2. BOg & Gheist ’Venere’ (Fideles) [Atlant]

3. Edone ‘LFO Hammer’ [Selador]

4. Pig & Dan ‘Promised’ (Raxon) [Truesoul]

5. Guy Mantzur & Khen ‘Where Is Home’ [Bedrock]

6. Raxon ‘Andromeda’ [Ellum]

7. Underspreche ‘Immersa Nei Tuo Viaggio’ (The Drifter) [Maeve]

8. Super Flu ‘Acumulee’ [Diynamic]

9. Andhim ‘Last Song’ [Superfriends]

10. Laroz & Yost Koen ‘Affektion’ [Eleatics]


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