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Acid House Forever Playlist – International Women’s Day Special

The advent of electronic music, and the clubland explosion it would lead to, ushered in a brave new world. Gone were the staid old ways of rock & roll, replaced with a forward-thinking, cutting-edge alternative.

That was in the brochure. Naturally, there were pockets of resistance. Check the flyer line ups from the 80s & 90s, or peak in the record company boardrooms. Female representation was shockingly low. There was, of course, female talent galore, but for every pioneer making waves, there would be an artist of similar stature getting ignored.

The 21st century has seen myriad women shatter the glass ceilings that used to pervade in professions such as DJing, production and working in music industry hubs. However, breaking down the walls around the boys’ club is an ongoing battle…one of many that define the necessity for International Women’s Day.

Our Acid House Forever playlist update this week is an IWD special. It features restless experimentalists from Wendy Carlos via A Man Called Adam to Girls of the Internet… supreme vocalists from Nina Simone to Lady Blackbird via Adeva… long time Selador faves like Just Her, Anii and Alice Rose… festival headliners such as Honey Dijon, Maya Jane Coles and Haai… go to artists such as Eris Drew, Eli & Fur, Bebetta… and fresh new talent from Detroit, Berlin, London, Barcelona and other electronic epicentres.

A whopping 50 tracks that have the spirit of acid house culture coursing through their veins.
Listen, love, share.


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