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Carlos Barbero & Dom Fricot ‘Closer To Closure’ Out Now On Selador

And lo, did the Seladorians once again traverse the planet, seeking only the very best in sumptuous sounds, music that would rock the dancefloors to their very core. And verily we did land in Panama, where we reconnected once more with Carlos Barbero. ‘Wake Up’, his warmly received Selador debut last year, had received more plaudits than Lord Plaudit of Plauditsville on National Plaudits Day.

“Please sir,” we said, trembling in anticipation, “can we have some more?” My friends, we think you know the answer, for it resides here with you right now, a floor filler of epic proportions direct from the Barbero bunker, featuring a goosebump-generating vocal and remixers of great repute.

‘Closer to Closure’ is the title and all versions showcase the sublime vocal performance of Dom Fricot (he of Anjunadeep and Systematic Recordings fame). The original mix is a thing of beauty, marrying brooding subtlety with striking hooks. File under essential.

We are also overjoyed to have a Selador label debut courtesy of a remix from one of our favourite producers. Yulia Niko(for it is she) is a globetrotting maestro currently resident in Berlin. Her interpretation goes deeeeeep, but also showcases the haunting vocal to brilliant effect.

Double bubble, dancefloor trouble, cooked up for you by another Selador cross-continental dream team.

Team Selador – So close, we’ve even got cigars!

PS. Look out for another very special remix to follow courtesy of a long-time occupant of our Producer wishlist. All we can say is,  it was… Worth. The. Wait!

BEATPORT DOWNLOAD: https://www.beatport.com/release/closer-to-closure/3684598

BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD: https://selador-recordings.bandcamp.com/album/carlos-barbero-feat-dom-fricot-closer-to-closure-incl-yulia-niko-remix

SPOTIFY STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/35Nct5JOtRN6nfbhtCOgBn?si=lWEru6RZSWWwTrpHnwqLEg

APPLE MUSIC STREAM: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/closer-to-closure-feat-dom-fricot-single/1613909352

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