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Dave’s interview with Partyflock.nl

To coincide with his gig at Club NL in Amsterdam, Dave chats with the Dutch clubbing website Partyflock about the ups and downs of lockdown, the upcoming Seladoria parties in Australia and suffering from jet lag for the first time in 30 years.


Hi Dave, let’s start with an easy one. Where are you in the world currently? 

I’m at home in England getting excited for my gig in Amsterdam on Friday 🙂

Finally, we are entering brighter times for dance floors the world over. How did you get through this tricky last two years, and were there any advantages to being grounded? 

It’s been a tough time for sure but I did enjoy some parts of it. It was lovely to get off the ‘hamster wheel’ of life for a while and spend more time at home with the family. I think it gave everyone a chance to take stock and reflect on where they were at with their lives. That only lasted about 6 months for me though and the rest of the time after that was spent frustratedly, impatiently waiting of things to get back to normal! 😅

Being at 30,000ft once again, where have you played recently and how did it feel to be back in the clubs? 

I was just in Mexico and it was so lovely to be back on the road. I’d really missed that connection with people enjoying themselves on the dance floor. That really is what DJing is all about for me and no livestream will ever replace that. Although I have to admit to really suffering with jet lag for the first time in decades. After constant travelling for 30 years I never really got it, but the last two years were probably the first time that my body clock had settled into some sort of normal routine since I started DJing internationally so my first couple of weekends back, I was all over the place. I need to get my match fitness back 😅

You’ve just released the 150th release on Selador, a two-track co-production with label partner in crime Steve Parry, entitled Slaves To The Algo-Rhythm and Coping Mechanism. How did this release come about, and why did you call your collab Nunchi Coup?

It seemed like the right thing to do for Steve & I to collaborate on some new music to celebrate our 150th release and initially we only planned to make one track but the studio session went so well we ended up with two. We’re really proud of both of them. They’re slightly different to what we’d normally do, we were aiming for a more classic timeless sound, and we like to think we achieved that. The name comes from the ancient Korean word Nunchi, which literally means “eye-measure’. It’s the subtle art and ability to listen and gauge others moods and act accordingly. It’s a concept that resonated with us as DJs.

Your label has now been running for 9 years, which is a good stint for any label these days – what’s the key to its success, in your opinion?  

Just passion, hard work and an ear for a good tune. It’s a labour of love but we enjoy the process so much. It’s addictive.

Please tell us a bit about your Seladoria concept, which is colourful, trippy and imaginative. How did you come up with this concept and do you have more Seladoria events in the pipeline? 

It’s really exciting that we’re finally getting the concept off the ground. Obviously we had various setbacks due to Covid these past couple of years but we are heading to Australia in a couple of weeks where Darren Emerson & Just Her will be joining Steve & myself in Sydney and Melbourne and then we will be heading to the US in the summer. It’s very much a visual feast as much as a musical one. We spent a lot of lockdown working on visuals that are very much key to the whole experience. It’s a kaleidoscopic trip to the naughty forest with our Rabbit King, Harvey leading the way. Catch it if you can.

You still curate and host your monthly Radio Therapy show for well over a decade, providing a platform for younger talents alongside established producers – please describe the process of how you approach the creation of the show. 

There’s no great secret to it. I just plough through all the new music I’ve been sent every month and choose a bunch of my favourites to lovingly craft into a mix of the hottest electronic club music out there. Nothing but the good stuff as we say 🙂 Been doing it almost twelve years now and still going strong.

This is your return to Club NL following numerous gigs at the intimate Amsterdam venue with your Selador ADE events. Please tell our readers what to expect this Friday, an event also with Paul Sparkes, Dray Hamilton and Cris-H.

It’s such a lovely intimate room at NL. The crowd are right on top of you so there’s a real conection and the sound system is great too so I’ll be working that to the max with a load of hot new music. I’m doing a 3 hour set so it will give me chance for a proper workout. Come join us. See you on the dance floor.

Thank you Dave for your time today and for speaking to Partyflock!

Club NL and Casa Productions presents Dave Seaman at Club NL in Amsterdam on Friday 8 April. 

FB event: https://facebook.com/events/s/invites-dave-seaman/442538931000342/

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