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Midsummer Night’s Stream Now on Mixcloud & YouTube

My latest livestream mix is now available on both Mixcloud and YouTube for listening pleasure. If it floats your boat, don’t forget to like, comment, follow and all that kinda jazz. Already working on the next one 😉

YouTube: https://youtu.be/KZsupDzB-40

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/daveseaman/midsummer-nights-stream/

Tracklist >> 

1. Mano Le Tough ‘Snakes On The Brain’ [Maeve]
2. MoBlack ‘Puma’ [Multinotes]
3. DJ Paul & Dave Seaman ‘Loco Hermoso’ [Selador]
4. Agoria ‘Remedy’ (Frankey & Sandrino) [Sapiens]
5. JOBE ‘Serein’ [Selador]
6. Glowal & Simon Batten ‘Moment’ [Watergate]
7. Magitman ‘Mars 2020’ [Selador]
8. Sobek ‘Ruler Of The Line 3’ [Monaberry]
9. Lungo Mare ’Time To Sleep’ [Disco Halal]
10. Mikah ‘Tribe’ [3000GRAD]
11. Kasango ‘One Night’ (&Lez) [Madorasindahouse]
12. Vanita ’Tensions’ [Einmusik]
13. Frankey ‘Satelite’ [Poker Flat]
14. JOBE ‘Luma’ [Chapter 24]
15. Several Definitions & LaMeduza ‘Rêve’ [Recits De Mars]
16. Fairmont ‘Peppi’ [Motordiscs]
17. Budakid ‘Orrery’ [Watergate]
18. Soma Soul feat. Ed Begley ‘Breaking Dawn’ (BOg) [Atlant]
19. Neil Flynn ‘We can Get It Together’ [Frau Blau]
20. Coeus ‘The Mirror Game’ [Oddity]
21. Foals ‘Spanish Sahara’ (Carlo Whale)
22. Planet Funk ‘Chase The Sun’ (PF Remix/DS Edit)

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