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My Top 10 Singles of 2023

As music-obsessed DJ, I listen to thousands of hours of music each year, and although the majority of my listening time is taken up by club based records, I do try as best as I can to stay abreast of music across all spectrums and genres. So with that in mind, here are my Top 10 singles of 2023. The ones that really stood out from the crowd for me. The music that blew me away purely as a music fan. What were the songs that gave you goosebumps this year?

My Top 10 Singles for 2023

1. Magaret Glaspy ‘Get Back’
2. Jalen Ngonda ’That’s All I Wanted From You’
3. The Streets ’Toubled Waters’
4. Pregoblin ‘Nobody Likes Me’
5. Roisin Murphy ‘Cool Cool’
6. Gabriels ‘Great Wind’
7. Tiga x Hudson Mohawke ’Silence Of Love’
8. Lana Del Rey ‘A&W’
9. Brittany Howard ‘What Now’
10. Blur ‘The Narcissist’

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