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My Top Ten Club Tracks of 2021

It’s been another strange old year for club music as once again we’ve found our time on the dance floor restricted but there has of course been lots of amazing music released nonetheless. I think my Top 10 this year does reflect the fact I’ve listened to more dance music at home than I have in a club though. It’s a collection that definitely leans towards the more reserved, organic side of my tastes incorporating some wider electronic flavours, rather than out and out dance floor bangers, but every one is an absolute gem in my eyes. Or should I say… in my ears. Enjoy.

1. Chemical Brothers ‘The Darkness That You Fear’
2. Elkka ‘Burnt Orange’
3. Gardenstate feat Bien ‘The Best Part’ (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
4. Bonobo ‘Rosewood’
5. Cyperpunx feat. Sian Evans ‘Alien’ (Sebastien Leger Remix)
6. Franky Rizardo & Joe Goddard ‘No Judgement’ (Kölsch Remix)
7. Rampa ‘2000’
8. Extra Credit ‘Drive Me’
9. Diplo & Damian Lazarus feat. Jungle ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ (Cioz Remix)
10. Come Closer ‘Moodivation’ (Apnoea Remix)

Listen Here > https://open.spotify.com/playlist/50Ze6pDt2Q9BL2TO1ibkHx?si=9b6d8f896f014a22

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