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Out Now: Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver

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Following 2023’s acclaimed, chart-topping mixes from Henry Saiz, and Tim Green, Balance have enlisted the services of two masters of their craft in Dave Seaman and Quivver, to curate their next mix compilation release. Style and substance joined at the hip.

With Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver, both artists have reached out far and wide to their producer friends to pull off a real coup. Every track is exclusive to this release – not one track has previously been released. If that’s not enough, the pair have added five exclusive collaborative productions, making this release a perfect snapshot of where Dave Seaman & Quivver are musically right now.

The lead single from the album, ‘Make This Disappear’ features experienced vocalist Quivver on lead vocals… and even has Dave Seaman making his debut behind the mic contributing backing vocals. A first after more than three decades of making music.

There is also particular excitement about Dave Seaman’s highly sought after, previously unreleased remix of Underworld’s ‘Low Burn’, which gets its long overdue release here. Exclusive tracks also come from some of the hottest electronic music producers, from the fabulous Einmusik, through to Robert Babicz, Jamie Stevens, Kasey Taylor, Timo Maas, and the wonderful Just Her, amongst many more artists at the top of their game.

Quivver explains: ‘With DJ Mixes two-a-penny these days online, we really wanted to create something special that would stand out from the crowd and stand the test of time.’

Dave Seaman adds: ‘Much of modern music culture is so disposable in today’s digital era, so when we were offered the opportunity to hark back to the halcyon days of the mix compilation and make an album as a physical product again, we jumped at the chance.

“The Balance Mix series is one of the most respected out there, so it’s an honour to become part of their 20-year history. It was a true labour of love which we hope comes across when you press play,”  


1. Charles Webster & Ursula Rucker ‘Begin Anew’ (Quivver & Dave Seaman Beginapella)
2. DJ Counselling ’Sun God’
3. Quivver & Dave Seaman ‘The Water’s Edge’
4. Quivver ‘Fever’
5. Murat Uncuoglu ‘Magico’
6. Enamour ‘Merge With Dust’
c/w Carlos Barbero & Dom Fricot ‘Closer To Closure’ (accapella)
7. Four Candles ‘On The Fence’
8. Kamilo Sanclemente ‘Horizons’
c/w Anthony Pappa x Jamie Stevens x Alice Rose ‘Nothing To Hide’ (accapella)
9. Aikon ‘Hurricane’
10. Stas Drive ‘Bipolar’
11. Einmusik ‘Walensee’
12. Quivver & Dave Seaman ‘Mushroom Embargo’
13. Ben Archbold ‘Psychedelic Halo’
14. Quivver & Dave Seaman ‘Make This Disappear’
15. Robert Babicz ‘Mystik’
16. Just Her ‘Lifted’


1. Quivver & Dave Seaman ‘Go With The Flo’
2. Paul (AR) & Capri ‘Push’
3. Polaroit ‘Apart’ (Timo Maas Remix)
4. Dave Seaman ‘YoHo’ (James Harcourt Remix)
5. Gai Barone ‘Thinking Together’
6. Dee Montero ‘Sensei’
c/w Quivver x Dave Seaman feat. Brianna Price ‘Rockets & Rainbows’ (accapella)
7. Quivver & Dave Seaman ‘Operation Magpie’
8. Jamie Stevens ‘The Peace Machine’
9. Jepe ‘Dream State’
10. Stas Drive ‘Hold Me Tight’
11. Axel Giova & Larrosa ‘Conditional’
12. Floormagnet ‘Other Sounds’ (Original & Circulation Remix)
13. Underworld ‘Low Burn’ (Dave Seaman Remix)
14. Jamie Stevens & Kasey Taylor ‘Verlaine’
15. Chicola ‘Dust Coins’
16. Ron Flatter ‘Ovid’

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