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Another positive for me that has happened because of lockdown is being able to spend more time in my record room sorting through my vinyl. It’s been a job I’ve been trying to do on and off for years but am now finally making some proper progress. I’m hoping to downsize from the 10,000 I currently have to around 5,000 and even though it’s a time consuming job, it’s enjoyably cathartic. So many memories. Every record is like a snapshot capturing a moment in time. I’m going to record another video about the process this week so look out for that on my YouTube channel soon. 


For those of you that were asking about what and where I’m selling, they are starting to go up on Discogs now. There’s about 750 up there already with lots more being added all the time including plenty of rare gems. Hope some of them find a good new loving home. Happy Hunting! x


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