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Selador Reloads Vol. 5 Part 2 – Timo Maas x Robert Babicz Out Now

Here at Selador HQ, as rule we err on the side of understatement. Our comms aim to inform and entertain, but we tend to baulk at verbal ostentation. But hey, even for those of us for whom restraint is a default setting, sometimes you just have to ascend the slippery hype pole, perch yourselves on the rooftop and scream:
Let’s be honest, you knew that already when you saw the stellar names involved in our latest Reloads* release (*yes, it is an anagram of Selador), our occasional series of remixes of classic tracks from our catalogue. So, without any further ado, allow us to unveil the second of two red hot re-rubs, both chomping at the bit to do damage on your dance floors in the coming weeks.

Robert Babicz – Space Funk – Timo Maas remix

The much-revered Robert Babicz has been a mainstay of the Selador family from the very beginning, and last autumn he returned with the wonderfully diverse three track Space Funk EP, featuring the aptly named title track, a real cosmic beauty that was chilled to perfection.
Now, we are delighted to bring you a revamp courtesy of the one and only Timo Maas commissioned especially for this Reloads release. A long time club scene stalwart, Timo needs no introduction. Selective with his remix assignments these days, we were honoured he accepted our request and he delivered with aplomb, totally respecting the beautiful spirit of the original while firmly nudging it further onto the dance floor. A trippy, dreamlike interpretation, deep as the Mariana Trench.

Just what is it you want to do? We wanna get Reloaded, that’s what we’re gonna do.

Team Selador


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