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Selador Selected Works 2022 Compilation Mixed by Anthony Pappa

Stop! Pappa time!!
You can forget yer mince pies, yer mulled wine, yer crackers yadda yadda yadda… there’s only one festive tradition worth getting out of bed for and it’s Anthony Pappa’s Selected Selador Works end of year mix. The third instalment, covering 2022, is here!!!

Mixed all the way live in the way only Pappa can, we celebrate a year of unrelenting sonic wizardry from the Seladorian family.

BUY HERE: https://selador-recordings.bandcamp.com/album/anthony-pappa-selador-selected-works-2022-live-dj-mix

So… once you have completed your purchase, PLEASE EMAIL US a copy of your completed order to:
info@seladorrecordings.com – and we will forward your mix.

BIG love from Team Selador

Live DJ Mix by Anthony Pappa

01. Jamie Stevens – Fool Me Once (Original Mix)
02. Nick Stoynoff – 35 (Original Mix)
03. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens – Hold You Back (Original Mix)
04. Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic – Lonely (Original Mix)
05. Mathias Winnfield – Flatliner (Original Mix)
06. Robert Babicz – Red (James Harcourt Remix)
07. Darksidevinyl – Plastic Dream (Original Mix)
08. Emanuele Esposito & Darksidevinyl – Your Way (Enoo Napa Afro Mix)
09. Dor Danino – MEZOTI (Original Mix)
10. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens – Like A Satellite (Original Mix)
11. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens – Hold You Back (Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone Remix)
12. Folgar Feat. Paula OS – Playground (James Harcourt Remix)
13. James Harcourt – Signals (Original Mix)
14. Sam Hopgood – Undulation (Original Mix)
15. Just Her – Will We Ever Learn (JAMIIE Remix)
16. Smash TV – Slider (Original Mix)
17. Carlos Barbero Feat. Dom Fricot – Closer To Closure (Andre Lodemann Remix)
18. Robert Babicz – Space Funk (Timo Maas Remix)
19. James Harcourt – Act Of Resistance (Original Mix)
20. James Harcourt – Full Moon (Original Mix)
21. Javier Portilla & Wizard Feat. Haptic – Wicked (Original Mix)
22. Darksidevinyl – Internal Jungle (Original Mix)
23. Nunchi Coup – Under The Scars (Extended Mix)
24. Sam Hopgood – Trust (Original Mix)
25. Sam Hopgood – Flow (Original Mix)
26. Indieveed – Suspense (Original Mix)
27. Nunchi Coup – Coping Mechanism (Original Mix)
28. Nunchi Coup – Slaves To The Algo-Rhythm (Original Mix)
29. Javier Portilla & Wizard Feat. Haptic – Wicked (Hannes Bieger Remix)
30. Jonathan Cowan – Alden’s Groove (Original Mix)

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