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Selador’s 12 Days of Xmas Returns

Hear ye, hear ye. Jingle, Jingle.

‘Tis Xmas time and Selador come bearing gifts.

Our 12 Days of Xmas bonanza returns and we’ve already kicked off with a humungous 4 hour mix from Anthony Pappa which you can grab exclusively via Bandcamp.

Still to come… exclusive freebies and special offers including mixes and remixes from both Dave and Steve, plus friends of the label such as Danny Howells and Luke Brancaccio.

If you are a fully subscribed Seladorian, you will have access to all the good stuff.

Subscribe here> http://seladorrecordings.com/subscribe

Then, rather than bombard your seasonally strained inboxes daily and risk our essential items getting missed in all the noise, we’ve made it easy as shelling peas for yer Xmas dinner.

Simply use this code the code provided and grab yer essential freebies.

Please do make sure you’re following us on our various social media channels though for full details.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Team Selador

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