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The Selador Sessions hits 150!

The Selador Sessions reaches its 150th episode, and who better to celebrate the milestone than Nunchi Coup (aka label bosses Dave Seaman and Steve Parry).

So it’s wall-to-wall Selador as the boys reminisce with a few favourites from the label’s first 9 years, mixed seamlessly with a couple of brand new exclusives coming soon on the label.

Happy 150th episode to the Selador Sessions!

Tracklist :

1. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens ‘Hold You Back’ (Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone Remix)
2. James Harcourt ‘Act Of Resistance’
3. Dave Seaman & Steve Parry ‘Repeat Offender’ (D Nox & Beckers)
4. Darksidevinyl ‘Internal Jungle’
5. Nunchi Coup ‘Slaves To The Algo-Rhythm’
6. Never More ‘Forward Momentum’
7. Luke Brancaccio & Tim Healy ‘I Hear Voices’
8. Nunchi Coup ‘Coping Mechanism’
9. Dave Seaman ‘Nightfalls’
10. Steve Parry ‘Fenner’ (Muart Uncuoglu Remix)


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