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Some number ep

Dave delves into his box of tricks for another magical ride through this month’s finest new electronic club music. Just the good stuff. Nothing else. Hold tight!

1. Parsifal ‘Kyoen’ (Whitesquare) [Connected]

2. Jenia Tarsol Nosisi’ [Aeon]

3. Andre VII & JAAW ‘Creativity & Technology [Platino]

4. EdOne & Stas Drive ‘Poison’ [Selador]

5. Frankey & Sandrino ‘Gamma Ray’ [Innervisions]

6. La Fleur ‘Hunting Grounds’ (Justin Massei) [Power Plant]

7. Klement Bonelli ‘Power 2 Persist’ [Selador]

8. Laroz & Yost Koen ‘Affektion’ [Eleactics]

9. Angelov ‘Cabora’ [Diynamic]

10. Dave Seaman ‘Press 1 For Human’ [Underwater]

11. D-Nox & Beckers ’Skylab’ [Selador]

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