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1. Quivver & Dave Seaman ‘Not This Time’ [Poker Flat]
2. Jonathan Cowan ‘Swaddles’ [Selador]
3. Come Closer ‘Jump Into The Fire’ (Tokyo Fan Club) [Renaissance]
4. Nicolas Masseyeff ‘Ice Raven’ [Systematic]
5. Jickow ‘Nòstra Dòna De La Gàrdia’ (Nick Muir) [Olympe]
6. Roísín Murphy & DJ Koze ‘Can’t Replicate’ [White Label]
7. Dave Seaman x Hernan Cattaneo ‘Napkin Knowledge’ [Selador]
8. SOEL ‘Running On The Moon’ [Bedrock]
9. Gheist ‘Gravity’ [Embassy One]
10. Jonny Burg ‘Modal’ (Paul Nolan) [Pro B Tech]
11. Made By Pete ft. Zoe Kypri ‘Horizon Red’ [Crosstown Rebels]

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