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Dave’s back to open his Radio Therapy account for 2022 with another 60 minutes of the good stuff. Cherry picked and lovingly crafted for your delectation. Turn it up!


1. Raphael Mader ‘Catanya’ [Atlant]
2. Bonobo feat. O’Flynn ‘Otomo’ [Ninja Tune]
3. 8 Kays & Diana Miro ‘Easy’ (Musumeci) [Atlant]
4. Glowal ‘Breathe’ [Sapiens]
5. Just Her feat. Kieran Fowkes ‘On The Low’ [Selador]
6. Radeckt ‘The Good Man’s Prey’ [Frau Blau]
7. Jepe ‘Horizont’ [Jeahmon]
8. James Harcourt ‘India’ [Parquet]
9. &Lez ‘White Rocks’ [Visile]
10. Naji Arun ‘Para Siempre’ [Pursuit]
11. Franz Matthews feat. Jonathan Lehmann ‘The Question’ (The Organism) [EWBOK]
12. Yeah But No ‘Going Down’ (Terr) [Distant Echoes]
13. Digitalism ‘Illusion’ [Magentism]
14. Popof ‘Serenity’ [Form]

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