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Dave’s back to kick start the new year with another helping of therapeutic radio. Whilst lockdown restrictions remain in place in the UK, he’ll be bringing the good stuff fortnightly in an attempt to keep you entertained and himself sane. Spread the word, tell your friends, get stuck in 😉


1. Night Talk ‘Acid Rhumba’ [Frau Blau]
2. Santiago Gracia ‘Yo No Olvido’ [Mulitinotes]
3. Shifter ‘Voodoo Robotics’ [Innervisions]
4. James Harcourt ‘Litoloko’ [Selador]
5. Ivan Masa & Mattia Pompeo ‘Tape’ [Selador]
6. Dave Seaman ‘Buzzfuzzle’ [Selador]
7. Purple Kaiser ‘Purple Cycles’ [Ballroom Purple]
8. Stylo & Goom Gum ‘Teleport’ [Space Motion]
9. Hidden Empire & Bebetta ‘All Of Us’ [Stil Vor Talent]
10. Tayga ‘Bayeat’ [Isolate]
11. Aiwaska ‘Darkness’ (Patrice Bäumel) [Exploited Ghetto]

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