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Dave’s back with what will probably be the final ‘Lockdown Extra’ edition of Radio Therapy after 12 months of restrictions. 60 more minutes of the good stuff to put a spring in your step and hairs on your chest. All aboard!

1. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port feat’. Sophie Discoteca’ [Keinemusik]
2. UNDERHER feat. Anaphase ‘Everything Goes’ (Monkey Safari) [Renaissance]
3. EdOne ‘Surrealism’ [Surrealism]
4. Booka Shade & Bontan ‘St. Kilda Nights’ [Blaufield]
5. Worakls ‘Nikki’ (Rodriguez Jr.) [Hungry]
6. Kotelett ‘All Channels Open’ (URSL]
7. AIKON ‘Coming Back’ (Armonica) [Exploited Ghetto]
8. Sahar ‘Quantum’ [Paradiso]
9. Jepe ‘Boardwalk’ [Perce]
10. Squire ‘Glowing’ [Selador]
11. Iñigo Vontier ‘El Reib’ [Correspondant’
12. Monolink ‘The Prey’ (Mind Against) [Embassy One]

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