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1. Steve Bug ‘Trentino’ [Poker Flat]
2. Frankey & Sandrino ‘Der Sprung’ [Sum Over Histories]
3. Quivver & Dave Seaman ‘Gotta Implode’ [Mobilee]
4. Aikon ‘Wilds’ [Monaberry]
5. Einmusik ‘Funkenflug’ [Ritter Butzke]
6. Verche ‘Riptide’ (Brancaccio & Barone) [Particles]
7. Jimi Jules ‘Touched By Silence’ [Life & Death]
8. Pablo Fierro, Lazarusman & Hyenah ‘The Balance’ (Super Flu) [Rise]
9. UNKLE ‘Instablility: Closer Than You Will Ever Be’ (Fur Coat) [Songs For The Def]
10. Bebetta ‘Volcano Trip’ [Ritter Butzke]
11. Lexer & Fur Coat ‘Far Away’ [Oddity]
12. Doctor Dru Setting Of The Sun’ (Hardt Antoine) [Ya Hala]
13. Hannes Bieger x Luke Brancaccio x Gai Barone ‘Reflections’ [Selador]

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