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1. Soma Soul ‘Missing’ (Marcus Worgull) [Endless]
2. King Donna ‘The Cow Song’ [Mo Black]
3. Yulia Niko ‘Passion’ [Watergate]
4. Circle Of Life ‘Freedom’ (Matchy) [Beyond Now]
5. Sam Shure ‘Zion’ [Stil Vor Talent]
6. Micah & Kiki Cave ‘Evening Winds’ [Balance]
7. Ceas ‘Bliss’ [Labo T]
8. Sascha Braemer ‘Capella’ [Sincopat]
9. Notre Dame ‘Set Of Rules’ [Bibliothèque]
10. Dave Seaman ‘Hired State Of Unconsciousness’ (Rodriguez Jr.) [Selador]
11. Bicep ‘Apricots’ [Ninja Tunes]

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