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Radio Therapy Broadcast – December 2016

Listen again to the final Radio Therapy Broadcast of 2016. Going out with a bang courtesy of some choice cuts from the likes of Lee Van Dowski, Agoria, Moby, Re.You and many more. Tune in in 2017 for 12 more months of the good stuff. It’s what we do.

Tracklist as follows..

  1. Moby ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’ (Magdalena) [Diynamic]
  2. Just Her feat. Kieran Fowkes ‘On The Low’ [Selador]
  3. Dave Seaman ‘Voodoo Disarray’ [Selador]
  4. Moritz Guhling ‘Rasied By Woves’ [Univack]
  5. James Harcourt ‘Wonderland’ [Soulful Techno]
  6. Eli & Fur ‘Hold Me Down’ [NYX]
  7. Marc Maya ‘Teka’ [Saved]
  8. Re.You ’Substitute’ (Mathias Schober) [Mobilee]
  9. Wally Lopez ‘Focused’ [Selador]
  10. Steve Parry ‘Luna’ [Selador]
  11. Glance Off ‘Balathon’ (Lee Van Dowski) [Non Stop]
  12. Third Son ‘Black Hole Escape Mechanism’ [Upon You]
  13. Agoria ‘Up All Night’ [Sapiens]  
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