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Radio Therapy Broadcast – September 2016

Listen again to the September edition of Dave’s ever popular monthly radio show, the Therapy Broadcast. Sixty minutes of the finest, must-have electronic house music that you need in your lives. Crack on!

  1. Booka Shade ‘Wasting Time’ (M.A.N.D.Y) [Blaufield]
  2. Affkt ‘Between Us’ (Dave Seaman) [Sincopat]
  3. Dave Seaman ‘Do Geese See God’ [Carioca]
  4. Dee Montero ‘Fugazi’ [Selador]
  5. Underworld ‘Ova Nova’ (Pig & Dan) [Caroline International]
  6. Booka Shade ‘In White Rooms’ (Jonas Rathman) [Blaufield]
  7. Patlac ‘Velox’ (Mathias Schober) [Republik]
  8. Andhim ‘Cloys’ (Eagles & Butterflies) [Monaberry]
  9. Anna ‘When It Rains’ [Turbo]
  10. Dee Montero ‘Solace’ (BOg) [Selador]
  11. Underworld ‘Low Burn’ (Dave Seaman) [Caroline International]
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