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Restless Dreams

15 April 13

Dave Seaman

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“Of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, selador is the most beautiful” Donnie Darko

Selador records open their account with a killer EP from one of the hottest exponents of Jacks Groove right now, samu.l. The Birmingham based producer has made quite the stir so far releasing music on Saved and One Records and also catching the ear of many a big DJ with his edits of two famous bass music tracks. His reinterpretations of both Burials Raver and James Blakes Wilhelm Scream were huge global successes, adding a dark and shuffling four-four backbone to the melancholy bass led originals.

Restless Dreams continues that stylistic curve. It’s a superbly produced groove heavy track which makes brilliant use of a high profile dreamy vocal sample to create a languid and infectious slab of modern day house music. Shuffling along at 121 BPM, its perfectly endemic of the current craving for slower and sexier beats and a great example of the sound of modern dance floors. 

Label boss Dave Seaman steps up to remix it, notching the energy levels up somewhat but never losing grip of the originals fantastic atmosphere. Intensely building, its evocative of his classic take on a pure house sound, yet equally as entrenched in the modern dance floor. Cunningly deploying nagging percussion and expertly posed drum fills, its a great indicator of the direction Dave and indeed the label will be heading in the future months. 

The final mix comes in the shape of Argentinean producer Shall Ocin, who follows on his fine work with labels such as Ellum, Leftroom and Culprit to deliver a typically left field interpretation. What begins with a throbbing synth line slowly evolves into a dark slab of tech noir, aided by the original vocal set alongside an ethereal melody. It completes a well rounded and essential package from Selador to mark their debut. 

Support for the release has already come from a wide variety of DJs, from main room bastions such as Markus Schulz and Fatboy Slim up to doyens of the underground such as Lee Foss, Hot Since 82 and Dubfire, showcasing the breadth of appeal and versatility the label intends to curate.

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