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Selador 5th Birthday EP Part 3 – Out Now

And so it came to pass, the third and final instalment in our 5th Birthday EP series yields 4 further collaborations of the highest pedigree and calibre.

Step forward Gorge & Joeski, Guy Mantzur & Lonya, Wally Lopez & Joal and Marc DePulse & Several Definitions who all bring their own inimitable flair and flavour to the party to provide us with yet another awesome foursome.

Gorge & Joe set the pace on ‘Jogo’ (Eat your heart out Brangelina). With it’s feet firmly planted in Deep Tech terrain it rolls into town, shooting from the hip with the kind of swagger you’d expect from these two experienced gunslingers. 4/4 at 10 paces.

Next it’s Messrs Mantzur & Lonya, two leading lights of the thriving Tel Aviv electronic music scene pairing up for ‘Dynasty’. Characterised by the elegant piano work of Adam Gorlizki set against an emotional progressive backdrop, its subtlety charms and shines above all else.

On the other side of the coin, we find Marc DePulse & Jeremy Vieira (aka Several Definitions) calling the shots on ‘Ego Rex’, an altogether different affair with it’s brazen, explosive energy burning brightly in your face. All about the attitude.

And to wrap things up, calling time on our trio of celebratory EPs (Did we mention it was our birthday?) we present ‘Peninsula’ courtesy of the Spanish/Portuguese combo of Wally Lopez & Joal.A wonderfully understated piece of work thats seductive powers intensify with every listen. A tune for all seasons.

So all that remains is to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us commemorate this landmark anniversary. We hereby promise to stop milking it for all it’s worth. Normal service will now be resumed.

Selador Recordings – Back to business!


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