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1 December 2018

Since it’s inception back in early 2017, the 3D project of Darren Emerson, Danny Howells and our own Dave Seaman has caught fire, set ablaze by two highly successful EPs on Selador and tours across 3 continents.

Both EPs, released earlier this year, featured exclusive individual tracks from the highly respected threesome but came with no remixes. Until now. Enter three of the best producers in the business, all carefully chosen by Darren, Danny & Dave personally to administer their own portrayals Premier League style.  

First up, Darren ‘Dubspeeka’ Beale dispatches a no-nonsense, Deep Techno rework of Darren’s ‘Bub’ from EP 2 with a meticulous precision. It’s moodier than a teenager whose had their smartphone confiscated. Just the way we like it 😉 

Then, Jamie ‘Jimpster’ Odell presents a masterclass in remixing on Danny’s ‘Earthlings X’. Utilising all the original parts to great effect whilst adding a liberal sprinkling of his own magic, one day all remixes will be done this way. Textbook. 

And finally, Marius ‘Re.You’ Maier takes charge of his own lesson in the art of remixing, dropping a perfectly executed adaptation of Dave’s ‘Rodales’ that’s bursting at the seams with flair and imagination. Wowsers! 

It’s re-rub heaven. Our cup runneth over. 

Selador Recordings – Take your brain to another dimension. x 

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