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16 July 2021
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Since launching Selador with compadre and fellow denizen of the decks Steve Parry back in 2013, Dave Seaman has been on one of the most prolific production runs of his long and storied career. Tunes like ‘Hired State of Unconsciousness’, ‘Thonk’ and ‘Donkey Engine’ have not only destroyed dancefloors (both real and virtual) but have also led to a stellar band of top draw producers being only too keen to dig out the disco scissors and remix Dave’s output. Which brings us neatly to Selected Reworks, a collection of three brand new re-rubs, all with the quality control knob turned firmly up to 11.

Buzzfuzzle – Luke Brancaccio & Gui Barone remix
If Dave’s original version of this no-nonsense piledriver had a distinct flavour of vintage 1987 Trax Records Chicago, the dream team of Luke & Gui take initial inspiration from a year later – yes, there is more than a whiff of 1988 meets 2021 in their acidic workout. Like the original, this is a heads down, let’s go, peak-time corker.

Racket Abuse – Charles Webster remix
Next up, time to roll out the red carpet for house music royalty in the shape of Charles Webster, who in his ever-unique style delivers a psychedelic electro gem which may well tempt Dave to get his lino out for a quick pop & lock session just for old times sake. A tripped out genius of a mix that makes maximum use of the original version’s mind-bending vocal hook and is set to wreak havoc on discerning dancefloors.

Rodales – Damon Jee’s Light remix
Fresh from his appearance on Dave’s recent vinyl release for Selador, Damon Jee brings us a second take on Dave’s hypnotic contribution to the second 3D EP, ‘Rodales’. Needless to say, he hits bullseye yet again with this Moroder-esque slab of 21st century disco exotica.

Team Selador – Rewind Selectors x

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