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26 April 2024
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The Boss is back in town, and how.

On a roll…in the ascendancy…top of the current form table…all epithets that could be applied to Dave and his stellar output in recent months, be it solo or in tandem with Quivver; on Selador, or with our friends at labels such as Sum Over Histories, Mobilee, Einmusika and Poker Flat.

And so to YoHo. It might sound like a new brand of pro-biotic yoghurt, or a vodka mixer… or even, as in our case, conjure up visions of piratical shenanigans. Be warned however, this particular sonic shanty, will provide all the treasure you’ll need for your own desert island disco.

The Original mix is textbook Dave, growing bigger and broodier with each newly introduced motif. The post-breakdown conclusion a squelching and menacing fusion of Bauhaus meets DJ Pierre proportions.

The Teutonic Dub then strips things back to bass-ics, an intoxicating brew that nods to the original Prog sound circa 1991 while sounding every bit as 2024 as a Tory MP abadoning ship.

Our triumphant triptych is completed by one of our favourite Seladorians, Mr James Harcourt. In a move too seldom seen, James does much more than just nod to the vibe of Dave’s originals, but equally his scattergun riffage and gorgeous keys take the tune to a euphoric elsewhere. So much so, it was the version Dave & Quivver chose for inclusion on their upcoming Balance Mix compilation album.

Ooh ahhh.. Shiver mi timbers!

Team Selador – YoHo ho and a bottle of your finest.

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