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30 September 2022
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Emanuele Esposito & Darksidevinyl – ‘Your Way’
Includes Enoo Napa & Laroz remixes
SEL 159
Released 30/9/22

Allow us, oh trusted Seladorian friends, to take you to the deeper recesses of the dance floor – where the wild things are.

After the epic response to his recent contribution to our recent Showcase compilation, ‘Plastic Dream’ (including a Spotify Electronic Rising front page no less), it’s a swift and oh-so-welcome return to the label for the man like Darksidevinyl. And this time the Egyptian King has an accomplice in tow, in the shape of seasoned Italian magician Emanuele Esposito.

In short, ‘Your Way’ will test the restraint of any reluctant dancer. Guaranteed to put a pep in your step, it’s a masterclass in subtle, mesmerising emotion, bursting with melodic goodness.

On version excursion duties, one of our very favourite Afro House tunesmiths, Enoo Napa takes flight with a trademark journey that hypnotises from start to finish. What a pay off!

And finally, making a welcome label debut, is Belgium’s Laroz who again, places that evocative vocal front and centre, atop a pulsating electronic workout.

Your Way? Have it!

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