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22 May 2021

Aaaah, Mr. Harcourt, we’ve been expecting you.

James Harcourt first teamed up with Selador’s Dave Seaman when Dave was running the much loved Audio Therapy label in the ’00s. The two were reunited late last year, when James made a
storming Selador debut with Litoliko, as featured on the first instalment of our Twelfth Night

From there things quickly snowballed, as they are wont to do when like-minded creative souls
(re-)connect, and subsequently allows us to bring you James’s first fully-fledged solo release for the label, the mind-melting three tracker that all falls neatly under the Fireglow umbrella.

We kick off with Lilith, a balls-out bone fide banger if ever we’ve heard one that hits all the right notes and a few wonky ones besides. Just how we like it.

What we now seem obliged to refer to as the sophomore track (thats track two in old money) is
the EPs title track. We can (and often do) strive for hours to avoid utilising words that we consider over-used but in this case, theres nothing for it other than to say heater!

Completing our holy trinity of this dance floor call to arms we have Puressence, another brazen
heads-down destroyer that further fuels the flame. Just ignite to delight.

Team Selador: keeping fires burning, since forever.

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