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20 March 2024
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Just deliver!

Just Her is back on Selador and it’s another mightily impressive, multifaceted show of skills from an artist at the top of her game.

As with much of her more recent output, ‘Left Behind’ once again finds Claire on vocal as well as production duties, her unmistakable tone and delivery at its most honest and emotive. “It was written from quite a dark place,” Claire explains, “But also to serve as a reminder that there is always hope, even in the bleakest of times.”

The original mix, written without any thought or consideration for the dance floor, is rooted in broken breakbeats, gently simmering synths and melancholic strings, one for those contemplative moments. A work of timeless beauty.

But of course, with Selador being Selador, we couldn’t let the opportunity of a club mix pass us by..
“When Dave & Steve first heard it, they loved the vocal and thought it was crying out for a club cut, so I decided to try a different path”, Claire eleborates “And I’m so glad I did because it’s a very special song to me and now it gets to have a life on the dance floor too!”

Team Selador – Dancefloor lifers!

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