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19 February 2021

Following on from the manifold delights of our Twelfth Night double header, we are delighted to present our first solo artist release of 2021, especially as it comes in the shape of a Grade A, 24 carat three tracker from the inimitable &lez.

A prolific but always consistent producer, &lez has unleashed a string of genre-straddling releases across several labels in recent years. His originals and re-works have been pretty much ever present in label bosses Dave Seaman & Steve Parry’s record boxes, so his teaming up with Selador seems as inevitable as it is welcome.

In these times of pandemic, our sonic tour guides are having to re-route. We yearn for music that feeds our dancefloor sensibilities, while simultaneously meeting our escapist lockdown needs. &lez delivers on both counts, with a trio of tracks that will undoubtedly slay floors as & when floors are open to be slayed (hello Australia), but will equally take you to a much better place via your headphones.

Opener ‘12 Monkeys’ is a downright dirty percussive builder, with a sledgehammer bassline driving us to an unforgettable mid-track drop, after which the volume remains turned up to 11, that bassline careering skywards over the firecracker percussion.

‘Somewhere’ is a mesmerising slice of electronica that grabs you from the very first note. Driven by a pleasingly squelchy acidic riff underpinned by all manner of subtle hooks, this is truly music to lose yourself in.

Closer ‘Zara’ ploughs a deep ‘n’ dark furrow, with that trademark percussive dexterity still to the fore. A musical journey in the very best sense of that over-used word, as intoxicating riffs cascade over the razor-sharp beats.

Team Selador – only the good stuff.

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