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17 June 2022
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Yes, it’s the warmest of welcomes back to the Selador fold for UK Producer Made by Pete, architect of one of our biggest tunes of recent times, Beautiful Silence – now returning with the sexy, snake-hipped floorshaker that is The Forgotten Ones.

In truth, ‘tis a bit of a misnomer, as this is one tune that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Built around the simplest but most brooding of basslines, a bobby dazzler of rumbling brilliance that forms the foundation stone for all that is to come. Assorted percussive layers are added, synth riffs then sneak up with no warning, an ethereal vocal snippet weaves in and out…but still that bassline just doesn’t let go. When the drop does come, it’s not done with one eye on a potential Instagram post, it’s the class of subtlety that prevails. A potent, heady brew.

Talking of Beautiful Silence, as we were (pay attention at the back), we are indebted to another label favourite, the inimitable FKA Mash, for bringing us a stunning rework of this hardy Seladorian perennial. His ‘afro glitch’ mix is a thing of wonder. A taut intro slowly giving way to beautiful pads, perfectly setting the stage for Jinadu’s unmistakable vocal to ease its way to centre stage. All of which sets the tone for a stirring crescendo that will no doubt see this evergreen number ignite dance floors once more.

Team Selador – The Not Forgotten Ones

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