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16 March 2022
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As UK based Independent Electronic Dance label Selador Recordings approach their 9th anniversary, neatly coinciding with their 150th release, label bosses Dave Seaman & Steve Parry celebrate by unveiling an exciting new collaborative project under the alias, Nunchi Coup.

“We wanted to try to capture our 30+ year journey through Acid House Culture with some new work that reflected our history but still had it’s finger firmly on the pulse of the here and now” explains Dave “Steve and I are both Acid House Lifers but continue to be just as excited by new music as we were back in those early halcyon days. Running the label together has only served to reinforce that.”

“The vibe is a little more raw than what we’d usually do” Steve continues, “we were aiming for Nunchi Coup to have a more classic House and Techno sound. A nod to our heritage but in a modern setting. After three decades in the business we’re even more aware of the circular nature of things.”

The two tracks on offer, whilst quite different in style, definitely have a unifying bond in that they both sound like they could have been made any time in the last 30 years. The astutely named, sample-laced ’Slaves To The Algo-Rhythm’ draws on the classic combination of soaring, emotional strings set atop slamming House beats whilst it’s bed partner, the visceral jackhammer that is ‘Coping Mechanism’ packs a punch like Tyson Fury with it’s Rave stabs and strong Warehouse party DNA.

And the name, Nunchi Coup? What’s that all about then?

Nunchi is the Korean word for the ability to gauge how people are thinking and feeling in order to create connection, trust and harmony. Like a sixth sense, a kind of emotional intelligence and awareness of your surroundings.

“The concept spoke to us as DJs, that subtle art of reading the room and acting appropriately has been the mainstay of our musical philosophy since forever. The Koreans believe Nunchi is the secret to happiness and we won’t argue with that”.

Team Selador – Brothers in Algo-Rhythms.

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