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14 August 2023
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And so it came to pass. Ten years in the making, the Selador Showcase series comes of age with an 18th installment of exclusive prime club cuts, brimming as always with wholesome dancefloor goodness.

Some of Selador’s finest moments have begun life via our Showcase compilations, Adam Ten & Mita Gami’s ‘Face The Sky’, Goom Gum’s ‘Freedom’, Dave Seaman’s ‘Buzzfuzzle’ and Steve Parry’s ‘Fenner’ among them, but now the baton is passed to six new, fresh-faced candidates for your consideration, many of whom are debutantes on the label.

From Four Candles majestic opening, ‘Effervescent’ through Darksidevinyl & Kiberu’s Afro masterclass, ‘Orgasm’ to the stylish sophistication of Niraj’s ‘Blue Skies’ and the accomplished artistry of Alican’s ‘Montroze’ finally culminating in the swashbuckling adventure of Becky & Takt’s ‘Sense of Ease’ and Guliiaume & Gurex’s top-tier treasure, ‘Private’. It’s Certificate Eighteens abound!

Or to put it another way, it’s another half-a-dozen expertly curated gems where the quality shines through at each and every turn. If we do say so ourselves of course 😉

Team Selador – Teenage Rampage

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