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25 January 2021

From the label’s inception, the Showcase collections have been a pivotal part of the Selador release schedule, an opportunity to bring you more new music by a plethora of insanely talented artists. A quick glance at some of the names to have graced previous editions on their way to dancefloor domination (eg Anii, Marc DePulse, Dee Montero, Biesmans, EdOne, Third Son, Robbie Akbal) shows that these collections always achieve that rare feat of marrying quality & quantity.

As 2021 dawns, we bring you The Twelfth Night – and such is the sheer volume of quality tunes we had to select from, we will be celebrating hitting the dozen mark with a double header, featuring 12 choice cuts split over two jam-packed EPs. Nurse, the vaccine right now if you please!

The first instalment gives a taste of the truly global nature of electronic music, with breakout stars from numerous scenes worldwide at the controls.

At the helm is our very own Dave Seaman, who kicks off the new year with ‘Buzzfuzzle’, a dirty jackin’ house throbber 2021 style, aided by a brain-melting mid-track breakdown.

Next up, Italian duo Ivan Masa and Mattia Pompeo, who already have a string of respected labels and DJ supporters on their CVs, drop their latest offering ‘Tape’ which deftly fuses pulsating moodiness with euphoric interludes.

Back to the UK, James Harcourt, no stranger to starring for Team Seaman, having previously released on Audio Therapy in the ‘00s, brings us ‘Litoloko’. It’s seven and a half minutes of bouncy, wonky, ethereal madness and we love it.

We then head over to Israel for prolific DJ & promoter Omer Bar to provide the fourth piece in the jigsaw. ‘Dynamic Cube’ is a seriously taut slice of electronic sophistication.

Next up, a transcontinental meeting of minds as Egyptian born, Vienna based Darksidevinyl teams up with Argentina’s Tomy Wahl for the brooding builder that is ‘Yuande’.

And last but by no means least, we finish on a high courtesy of London based producer Nichols who provides a rousing finale in the form of ‘Mood Frequency’.

What a way to start 2021!

Team Selador: Happy New Year y’all

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