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Selador Showcase Compilation – The Twelfth Night (Part 2) Out Now

Selador Showcase Compilation – The Twelfth Night (Part 2) Out Now

Starting 2021 kicking like yer proverbial mule, hot on the heels of The Selador Showcase: The Twelfth Night Part One, we are proud to present, with a characteristic mix of dexterity, alacrity and logic – Part Two!

Like its predecessor, this second instalment once again puts the spotlight on a whole host of global electronic production talent (2 x welcome returnees, 4 x Selador debutants) and covers a multitude of styles in one essential package.

First, we find hot Russian duo Goom Gum in tandem with Istanbul-based Gaidukova. ‘Freedom’ is a wonderfully constructed riff fest, underpinned by a mean growling bassline. Peak time action.

Next up, the prolific Several Definitions (Switzerland) brings us the magnificent brooding beast that is ‘Boske’. Maximum wonkiness, just how we like it.

UK scene stalwart Kiz Pattison then delivers ‘Intruder’ – this particular intrusion is most welcome though as its insistent lead riff burrows its way into the darkest recesses of your cranium. Hold tight.

London-based Rashid Ajami follows, renowned for the emotional depth of his productions, and the beautiful ‘The Lie’, in partnership with , will only help cement that reputation. Proper swish.

Next from Spain, we welcome Martin HERRS & Thimble, whose hypnotic ‘Impala’ is awash with exotic sounds cascading over a pulsating bassline. Deep, unrelenting business.

e conclude with Nila, the New Zealand-based Scot adding to his growing stature with Asyn on the yearning vocals for the powerful, instantly inspiring ‘Answers’.

Team Selador: the bestest showcases in town.

BEATPORT – https://www.beatport.com/release/the-selador-showcase-the-twelfth-night-pt-2/3265856

SPOTIFY – https://open.spotify.com/album/7kmTtpoOxyOMmd7SHE3wCx?si=za1p96SMQempNKG8o9PXDg

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