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The Holy Ghost

03 June 13

Dave Seaman

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The legend Dave Seaman arrives at the front gate of the gardens with a fruitful concoction. This special tune cleverly balances the line between his familiar elucidations and the characteristic Tulipa virtues of hypnoticism and functionality. Dave is the man of the hour, often penciling otherworldly music that distorts the division between forward-lurching techno and supernatural house. He sets the mood for the perfect bomb to be dropped.

The original mix embodies an attractiveness that cannot be challenged. A fluid groove gushes out of an electrified trench spilling to the brim with luminescent water. A canopy of digitally-colored haze hangs above the energetic stream like a midnight spirit searching for its escape to the netherworld. Florian Meindl redirects the water into his own realm and simultaneously summons a forceful tech-house monstrosity. Florian is a master of intrigue, and his prowess glistens on his abounding mix. Alex Miles gets exotic with his interpretation, reaching back in time to grasp memories of an orange sun touching purple clouds along the horizon. The beach smolders under the heat and the sand blows by the feet of blurry dancers. Swyft completes the EP with his anthemic take on The Holy Ghost. He has been consistently striking the hearts of listeners with his voluminous gems and this remix shines through.

The time is perfect for The Holy Ghost to launch from the dust and illustrate the skies with its kaleidoscopic winds. Dave Seaman’s EP is a wall of lighting flashing brightly above the gardens. The ghost swirls above the earth and quickly catapults towards the hills. The insects awaken and the trees begin to cry. Dave’s mysterious journey into the land of Tulipa Recordings has begun.

2013 Tulipa Recordings
Artwork by Hanna Mese ‘Meshe’
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)

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