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Toxic Picnic

04 March 13

Dave Seaman

Beatport Spotify

Smiley Fingers welcomes Dave Seaman & Andy Chatterley onto its roster, two reputable producers notable for their work with seminal labels such as Global Underground, Renaissance and Saved. This release comprises three versions of title track Toxic Picnic, the first of which is the Hot Mix, a melodic slice of house with weighty drums, an insistent low-end bounce and evolving synthesizers acting as its driving force. Up next is the Cool Mix and as the name would suggest things are toned down and dubbed out here, the lead piano takes the reins as the dominant force, while hi-strings and fluttering synths simply meander around the direct structure. To close the release Crosstown Rebels, Freerange artist Pezzner delivers a remix of Toxic Picnic, the american producer provides his signature warm, melodic house here stripping back the vibe to a more ethereal state.

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