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Steve Parry ‘Selected Reworks’ [Selador]

Selador Showcase – The Fourteenth Adventure (Part 2) [Selador]

Selador Showcase – The 14th Adventure [Selador]

Dave Seaman ‘Selected Reworks’ EP [Selador]

Just Her ‘Will We Ever Learn / Away From Here’ [Selador]

James Harcourt ‘Fireglow’ EP [Selador]

Stelios Vassiloudis ‘Gone To Heaven’ A Tribute To Phil K [Selador ]

Selador Showcase – The Lucky Thirteenth [Selador ]

Kiz Pattison & Micah ‘Beam Of Light/The Key’ [Selador ]

Squire ‘True Religion/Glowing’ EP [Selador]

Carlos Barbero, Enes Çakir feat. Seher K ‘Wake Up’ EP [Selador]

&Lez ’12 Monkeys’ EP [Selador]

The Selador Showcase – The Twelfth Night (Part 2) [Selador]

Selador Showcase Compilation – The Twelfth Night (Part 1) [Selador]
Steve Parry ‘Roll The Dice / What You Make It’ [Selador]

3D Remix EP II [Selador]

Dave Seaman & DJ Paul (AR) ‘Loco Hermoso’ [Selador]

Steve Parry ‘Fenner’ [Selador]

Murat Uncuoglu ‘Eye To Eye’ EP [Selador]

Selador Showcase – The Eleventh Hour [Selador]

Marc DePulse & Darin Epsilon ‘Diabolos’ [Selador]

Dave Seaman ‘Racket Abuse’ [Selador]

Made By Pete ft. Jinadu [Selador]

Selador Showcase – The Tenth Chapter [Selador]

EdOne feat. Pakk ‘Madness Dose / Dangerous’ [Selador]

3D EP III [Selador]

Steve Parry ‘Spion 10’ [Selador]

Dave Seaman ‘Donkey Engine’ [Selador]
Acumen & Monsatetiq ‘R.O.D’ [Selador]

Klement Bonelli ‘Power 2 Persist’ EP [Selador]

D-Nox & Beckers ‘Skylab/Surrender’ [Selador]

Selador Showcase – The Ninth Wave [Selador]

Animal Trainer ‘Amaron’ EP [Selador]

Dee Montero ‘Radian’ EP [Selador]

Justin Massei ‘The Rite’ EP [Selador]

Luke Brancaccio & Steve Parry feat. Kiki Cave ‘Control Machine’ [Selador]

Dave Seaman ‘Thonk!’ [Selador]

EdOne ‘Never Alone’ EP [Selador]

Christian Nielsen ‘After Midnight’ EP [Selador]

Selador 100 – Anniversary EP [Selador]

Selador Showcase – The Eighth Wonder (Part 2) [Selador]

Selador Showcase – The Eighth Wonder (Part 1) [Selador]

Zoo Brazil feat. Wolf & Moon ‘Thunderstorm’ [Selador]

Lee Van Dowski ‘Mirage4’ EP [Selador]
Blaktone ‘Under My Skin’ [Selador]

Darren Emerson, Danny Howells & Dave Seaman ‘3D Remix EP’ [Selador]

Acumen ‘Tulip’ EP [Selador]

EdOne ‘Bipolar’ EP [Selador]

Chicola ‘Cachengue’ EP [Selador]

Dave Seaman ‘Rapscallion’s Revenge’ EP [Selador]

Dave Seaman, Darren Emerson & Danny Howells ‘3D EP’ 2 [Selador]

Jobe ‘VII’ EP [Selador]

The Selador Showcase – The Magnificent 7th [Selador]

Selador 5th Birthday EP – Vol. 3 [Selador]

Selador 5th Birthday EP – Vol. 2 [Selador]

Selador 5th Birthday EP (Part 1) [Selador]

Florian Kruse ‘Breathe’ EP [Selador]

Steve Parry ‘Squidfist’ EP [Selador]

Namito ‘Anakeys’ [Selador ]

Danny Howells, Dave Seaman & Darren Emerson ‘3D EP’ [Selador]

Acumen ‘The Modernist’ EP [Selador]

Dave Seaman ‘Virgo Ryzin’ [Selador]
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